Jim Hereford is Located in Spokane

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Jim Hereford is located in Spokane, Washington, and he works as an entrepreneur from that location. He is mostly involved in the telecommunications industry. He is the founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a company called Fiber Net Inc., which is a very successful telecommunications firm. It is a family-run company that Jim Hereford founded in 1996. His brother, Jed Hereford, and his father, Ed Hereford, are also involved in the business. Fiber Net Inc.’s headquarters is in Spokane, WA, but also has an office in Denver, Colorado.

Fiber Net Inc. is a thriving business that specializes in the directional drilling services and cable placement that are necessary for fiber optic cables. Fiber Optic cables have grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Fiber Net Inc. has worked with companies all over the United States of America. This includes major telecommunications firms like Verizon, Century Link, and AT&T. Fiber Net Inc. even offers on-site services to companies all over the U.S., year-round.

There are a number of specialized divisions under the Fiber Net Inc. umbrella. The Cable Placement Division and Directional Drilling Division both have vital missions and they do their best to contribute to Fiber Net Inc.’s goal of serving clients with the highest quality workmanship possible.

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